Why Golden block Lv Liping

The rise of microblogging in these two years, in many cases the blew the big stage, ordinary people also blew some things, celebrity says something, often became a public event. If no reporter to interview celebrities, many of whom would like to say that was not able to reach the public ear, microblogging has given them a great deal of communication platform, ready to publish your ideas. Sometimes these words are not icing on the cake, often shooting themselves. Famous actor Lv Liping, haiying Sun couple are examples …

  Both say it’s not fool, things on people’s comments there are many bright spots, but the highlights are two couples of all statements to cover up discrimination against homosexuals. Public statements, in particular in public communication media on the properties of the floor there will be retribution. Ms Lv Liping won last year’s Golden Horse Awards, in accordance with established practice, she will be officiating this year, but Taiwan Golden Horse award and Hou Hsiao-hsien, Chairman of the Bar Council said: “winner of the Golden Horse has no control over the floor, but not does not accept any discrimination. Invite Miss Lu to awards, a golden horse will stay.。.

  China since ancient times for homosexuals are very tolerant, and not much hostility this is modern science proved that as a natural sexual orientation behaviour. Area but also in the world of mainstream society, tolerance for homosexuality, is also often measure a sign of society civilized enough. As a public figure, such topics even if they are do not agree, but at least not openly manifested, which is not only a question of IQ, EQ is also a problem, it is a cultural issue …

  Thrust but it is not the Lv Liping and haiying Sun does have the right to criticize homosexuals, but Golden Horse Awards is a right not to have Lv Liping award. It has been said that this is an infringement on the Lv Liping freedom, is not tolerance for her. At first glance it looks like got a point in saying that, since there is freedom of expression, why Lv Liping people cannot express their views? If you are talking about tolerance, why Lv Liping will not be forgiving? …

  Unfortunately, freedom is bounded with the price. Boundaries that you cannot forget it shouting fire in the cinema, and claimed that all of a sudden there is a bomb on a plane; and the price is if you can say any different from the mainstream values, but to say such a thing after the price. Some time ago a United States politicians to resign, is the vocabulary he used insulting reference to blacks. No one believes that he could not say these things, but resigned one of cost. If you don’t care, then, can just bullshit, it cannot be said that you only say free, without the courage to take responsibility …

  When it comes to tolerance, I remember that Mr LU Xun once said: “the loss of other people’s eyes, but people opposed to retaliation, the main effect of tolerance not to close with him. “Confucius said:” to direct complaints. “Tolerance has always been reciprocal, are those most in favour of tolerance is the first person receiving the sword, but by no means never again pull a knife. Lv Liping if they cannot tolerate other people’s time, they’ll miss out on qualification of tolerance …

  Golden Horse Awards if it refused to invite Lv Liping, except to say that they adhere to their own values, is beyond reproach, and kinds of fruit, can’t blame others …

Why Golden block Lv Liping

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