Everything the party due to its already reduced projects

Everything the party due to its already reduced to projects …

Xia Yucai..

Pu Cunxin present a criticism of extravagance. “We have far too many parties, too many forms of literary party, anything could be done to the party, a party how much material a lift, spray, lights, not to mention hundreds of tens of millions of costs, does not know where the garbage heap. “Pu cunxin said that no country in the world like us, there are so many parties. (March 5 daily).

If the party across the country are statistics, their numbers must have been quite amazing. In the past, the Office party for some localities and units, it is very difficult, if it is just fun, there’s not much spending would sometimes a party down. But now, the party appears to be a very easy thing. We walked to a city, can see the local hold a party poster …

And, the party also is big at every turn. Big, of course, need to invite the biggest names star in support. And invite the star’s biggest names came out, you need to spend a lot of silver. Some of the biggest names star took to the stage twice, million hides into the pockets. That the later development, every party must make biggest names, or as if I’ve lost some face. Even if some remote districts, some colleges and universities, the anniversary, and so on, we could also find huge party …

Flooding of the party and broke down, ultimately is not something we need to do a lot of the party, or we like to see a lot of the party, but the party has become a kind of symbol of the strength of the so-called, became a propaganda tool, and thus making it become a “face-saving project”. Once the party became a “face-saving project”, also disguised in certain people can act subserviently to “achievement.”.

Such as CCTV the same song, which had hung over the whole country, travel which is equal to the publicity which, on a number of places in order to CCTV, in order to promote himself, is prepared to give local financial power to invite. After of the same song, CCTV was launched specifically for local advocacy programmes, of the joy’s trip to China. The joys of China, as its name implies, is sent to the country to go through the party happy..

When a motivated propaganda tool in the form of literature and art, or even someone’s political achievements, the popular level it should be imagined. Because it responds to the demand of some people. The result is that no matter what happened, requires the party to celebrate. Exchanges need to party, there is a section requires the party, spring need to come to the party, autumn harvest required party, birthday and even some billionaires marriage, also need to party …

Thus, the party has not seen service for the hearing, more important is for the purposes of its respective services. In order to achieve the aim, naturally need to give our best haoshe naturally need to invite the biggest names star or its effects are greatly reduced. As a result, such a waste of “projects” and how not to spread, and how not to let people hate it? …

Everything the party due to its already reduced projects

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