“Mix” is a corruption of the pass and the motto (map)

Problems of corruption, 83, 12 consecutive terms Shen Jilan insightful views of the deputies. She said, “…

I think that the Communist Party is good, those corrupt elements are mixed in..

They do bad things. ”。.

“Entering into” a note is literally the word of “..

Hides the real intent to mix in a particular region or organization “. “Entering into the party”, Mao Zedong also specifically for this quote: …

“Entering into the party, Government, army and various cultural communities of bourgeois character who is a …

Counter-revolutionary revisionist, and when the time comes, they will want to seize power from the proletariat to bourgeoisie, dictatorship of. ”。.

If these people are party to breed, there must be a good bad metamorphic processes of degradation, they were traitors, betrays himself when joining in the first place. If it is mixed, then the other qualitative. Mix comes in, is not a good thing, not spy spying, counter-revolutionary with ulterior motives. Breeding ground for corruption within the party, entering into the Subversion within the party. Without Subversion, where entering into? …

Over time, add a masturbation problems. Once you have found the so-called corruption, immediately expelled from the party. Hey! Naked from entering into the party, expelled from the party naked, you see how much I clean …

Who in Subversion? People thought of steelyards. Interest privilege corruption, family money red second generation, official property is not declared, for personal gain is the largest subversion in China. Bo Qin Quanyao a Word, anyway, really most of subversion is not non-party party …

“Mixed”, Shen Jilan this summary was right. Very strange, Shen Jilan should ask what was going on, …

“Mixed” sentences why never to subvert the Government. This land so rich in beauty, so corruption within the party. Learning from Lei Feng a good example, not mix at first glance to be rich? Take a look at candidates in ranks of the civil service, why the number is always the world’s first battalion. How many of them are to serve the people, how many of them are mixed in..

Since ancient times, Huashan road, don’t make a fortune without entering into. This is what Chinese characteristics, is subversion or corruption?..

Seamless egg flies do not bite, won’t come in corruption? “Mixed” permit is corruption. In China, corruption is unique, the motto has only three words “mixed” …

“Mix” is a corruption of the pass and the motto (map)

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