Three of bound feet thick with consciousness


Thick three-inch Golden Lotus with the consciousness of …

    three-inch Golden Lotus women’s practices of Google’s digital library enmeshed in ancient China-related. Google’s digital library enmeshed practices began in the Sui dynasty, song in the widely circulated, at that time it was generally the feet as a standard of beauty, while the women would be Google’s digital library enmeshed as a virtue, willing to endure pain wrap up of tiny feet. People have wrapped foot known as “Lotus”, and different size feet is different levels of “Lotus” tielian greater than four inches, four inches for the Silver Lotus, while the three-inch Golden Lotus. Three-inch Golden Lotus is the perception that women were most beautiful feet …

    people even come up with bound feet “four” (shape, quality, attitude and spirit), “three beauties” (FAT, soft, show). From the Qing dynasty. Winds of foot-binding, and no foot-binding of Han Chinese woman. Three-inch Golden Lotus this aesthetic psychology in fact contains strong sexuality, the Qing dynasty literati Li Yu in its enjoyments about food and beverage, even publicly state that, foot-binding of the highest purpose is to satisfy the lust of men …

    because of tiny feet “flowery must”. Play to lead to “eternal soul pin”, he had bound feet play summed up by as much as 48. Such as smell, vacuum, licking, biting, scratched, take off, pinching, pushing, etc. It can be said that in ancient times feet is the third woman other than the genitals, breasts “sex organs”. In the classics of the Golden Lotus, “Luo socks corner, three-inch Golden Lotus, is a masonry pit broke ground when you shovel hoe”. Even embroidered shoe worn on the feet has also been given a sexual connotation …

   1912 on March 11, Sun Yat-Sen’s pass put in order in the provinces of the Interior advised banned foot binding …

  Said national power strong, the first national manual developed. To foot-binding, a mutilated body, resistance block up blood, harm on the people, impose it on children, physical certificates, the clouds more than? To foot-binding, therefore, financial difficulty, reclusive, education Shi Mo, things without asking, let alone able to earn a living, total service? More than two, the big end, if his malady, gengpunanshu. Former people with lofty ideals tried Tian-zu will be created open has lifted, Semitic practice of ignorant stereotypes. When the slapping on the occasion of the RAR, Wang lie first to eliminate, to the nation. Yang-the rush through-put in order in the provinces, one urging ban, which prohibited, their families to considerable penalty..

Three of bound feet thick with consciousness

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