Summer is treated diseases of winter the best time

    of traditional Chinese medicine about “winter disease in summer T.E.T“, which means that winter can get to T.E.T in the summer because most of winter diseases are associated with insufficient Yang, while summer is Yang’s favorite moments between heaven and Earth, healing can be twice fold effects. So for people who want to be healthy, it is destined to be a busy summer season …

*11 … something cold in the summer, the preferred Huai Yam soup with mutton …

DiosCO.Ea OPPOsita mutton soup with three dirty fill effect, is T.E.TreaT.E.T of all kinds of deficiency-cold syndrome with universal, was One of the summer diet of the deficiency and cold syndrome common in paT.E.Ts with …

Summer T.E.Tment for winter disease law twice …

“Gentlemen’s revenge, ten years late” adage, on books, texts, people often hold life in words. These words were constantly being a reference, not concepts Avenged here, because here there is a wisdom of wisdom–bide in life caused by resonance. In the view of China, something not achieved overnight can do, can’t do T.E.Time? Waiting is the best approach. The so-called “30 years East, Hexi, 30 years.”。 In this connection, the plain questions · d modified atmosphere in the great God of Nations: “where the disease preventive T.E.Tment of disease, where T.E.Tment is not” has been very clear. What does it, that means if you are already ill when, to get it, like thirsty began digging a well, fight with them before they will start Casting weapon, it was too late. According to Chinese medicine, “T.E.T disease on disease, healing disease, healing disease-disease”, which means that is not made before the fight for the best, “disease” T.E.Tment when China strategic, and therapy after the onset of diseases such as bElonging to the worst …

Does not bElong to the sCO.E of preventive health, related content, we’ve talked a lot, here we Focus on and talk about “disease” problems. What is a “disease”? Which means that these diseases are now gone, but will in the future episodes of illness, such as allergic asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, asthma, old winter diseases such as Rheumatism, neck and shoulder pain, bElong to, because these diseases will get better in the summer, but over the winter, he relapsed. How to T.E.T these diseases, traditional Chinese medicine, summer is the best season …

Because the majority of winter diseases, are associated with Yang insufficient. Yang people with inadequate or insufficient firepower, so in the environment was somewhat deficient cold in winter when, amid a cold and two cold fronts, people are likely to get sick. And T.E.Tment of this disease in the winter, it is like clothes are not easy to dry on rainy days is for the same reason. To T.E.T such diseases would be better placed to summer. Because not ONLY is the heat from outside the hot sun in the summer, the body inside firelight golden when T.E.Ting cold syndrome, can be said to be doing more with less. This is called a winter disease in summer T.E.T






Summer is treated diseases of winter the best time

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