Briber sits police mystery light vertical

Briber sits POLICE mystery light longitudinal …

   zhangjiachuan fire, under the jurisdiction of the County of Tianshui, Gansu province, in Chinese on the Internet’s popularity almost overnight, catch up with and even surpassed the Zhangjiagang, Zhangjiajie. Due to a case of junior high school students Focus on cases of crowd heat, netizens in zhangjiachuan County officials, the Government suddenly growing interest. According to media rePorts, users disCO.Ered a copy of the criminal verdict in force, zhangjiachuan County Public Security Bureau, Bai Yongqiang as a briber, had accumulated to a superior officer during the 1995 sent 50,000 dollars in cash …


  That should be a shotgun trailer on it, netizens zhangjiachuan County related matters for concern, also inCLUdes State-level poverty-stricken counties of towering office Buildings, and the official status of the property. Point, it has beCO.E almost a crowd supporting the network, and are suited to institutional anti-corruption, corrupt officials to investigate and successfully battles. Of course, QQ space to speak once criminal detention of Wu junior high school students has withdraw criminal cases, restoration of personal liberty, as due to the existence of cases have a break (or even flip results), but other anti-corruption CLUes emerge, how to deal with it? …


  Sin had been spared, were found again, Absolutely no light longitudinal sense …


  It should be said that the briber is not criminal prosecution, is not isolated. According to the Caijing magazine, Pingliang of Gansu province people’s Congress Standing Committee, former Deputy Director of Ren Zenglu bribery case, 129 turned out to be inCLUded in the criminal verdict bribed officials, ONLY 4 were held criminally responsible. South editorial article deals with “bribes have not been investigated for” harmful to the rule of law, it is that the briber laudable glyph by light, leading to bureaucratic rule prevailing helped fabuzezhong climate …


  The zhangjiachuan County Public Security Bureau, Bai Yong strong stories are all over again, by coincidence, bad luck? Tried to cast harsh policies for their officials, their asses clean? Criminal verdict in effect was the bribery, the Simple understanding of the law by the public, even after not being investigated for (or missed holding objects), friends again, and after the report, concerned officials had broken no reason or act as law enforcers. Faces of those suspected of crimes to law enforcement continues to occur, obviously not the subject. At one point also claims that the officials had “proposed by program removal.”。 Confirm information inCLUded microblog in zhangjiachuan County Public Security Bureau yesterday at 17 o’clock In the afternoon, presided over a conference press release said officials are still involved and make “an important speech” (paradox is that the microblogging alive less than an hour was removed by the original author).


  Criminal law the descriptions of essential elements of bribery against involved top official Bai Yong “to make him LOOK me” but the higher officials sent money, bElongs to the field should be held criminally responsible. In view of the difficulty of bribery cases investigated and dealt with in the course, many cases exist, “stressed over bribing witnesses” the issue, of paying bribes in Exchange for T.E.Testimony of their impunity to bribery. The so-called “dealt with” some of the bribery of a witness, often end up not being processed. Although criminal law in prosecuting former who initiative to explain the bribery, giving “reduced or exempted from punishment” approach, but that doesn’t mean the briber was innocent.。 Whether it constitutes a criminal offence, as well as whether it should be criminal prosecution, or had been subjected to disciplinary responsibility deparT.E.Ts should have a thorough investigation with the public (for further questioning, the briber, as criminal verdict finds, and how much has not been prosecuted, there should also be a thorough investigation of the overall).


  Moreover, the criminal verdict deemed involved in bribery of public officials, their continuing responsibilities is to keep the party safe, maintenance of law and order enforcement and management of law enforcement officers. Speak in a juvenile QQ space junior high school students face criminal responsibility of spatio-temporal, is responsible for “law enforcement” was personally involved in serious criminal offenses in connection with the escape of persons, how absurd reality, how narrow situation..


Briber sits police mystery light vertical

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