Wangfujing “11” national scene makes me unforgettable

Wangfujing “11” national scenes so unforgettable …

…   Jie Bo g salt …


On October 1 of this year, is our great Motherland was established 64 anniversary. Way way I in Beijing, Wangfujing shopping sT.E.T and tourists from around the country, T.E.TV screens hanging through the sT.E.Ts, witnessed the party and State Leaders and representatives from various sectors in the capital, to the solemn and grand ceremony of the monument to lay a bouquet …

       Yes, at a time when country is celebrating the national day, people did not forget to build a new China revolutionary martyrs of lasting fame, to the people’s heroes presented flower baskets to make a deep recall of national independence and people’s Liberation, a strong and prosperous Chinese hero of youth life of devotion and dedication …

       us tourists, while not in the field, location of Wangfujing ST.E.T from the monument, where everyone seems to be able to feel in the middle of shock and excitement …

       is my on Wangfujing ST.E.T in the rain was photographed, touching and unforgettable images: …

Wangfujing “11” national scene makes me unforgettable

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