To be a “citizen” so hard

To be a “citizen” so hard …

Text/Wei Yingjie..

Read online news, entitled construction of personal credit system of Shanghai subway fare evasion would not be a teacher. Suddenly out of NowHere a word in my mind: don’t Cook T.E.Tailor is not a good driver. The reason for this is, I felt this title does not make sense …

Fare evasion that job wasn’t a good teacher? It does make people LOOK puzzled. However, the news is true, but not just for teachers. RePorts quote is, personal credit record due to subway fare evasion, and perhaps will lead to sit for the civil service, cannot work as teachers, not into the big business. Because of rePorts from the China eDucation daily, so calculated to highlight “can’t be a teacher,” this news. Also as an Aside, the personal credit rating system in operation in Shanghai, ending in mid-August this year, there are more than 160 pieces of subway fare evasion information be inCLUded in the system …

Related rePorts that make people feel abrupt, subway fare evasion is the key with the “can’t be a teacher,” contrasts the consequences of too much. Fare evasion alone necessarily imply moral quality is poor, this is first and foremost a problem. Imagine if there’s a youth from the provinces CO.E to Shanghai for work, because strapped in the capsule, temporary is intended to take the subway fare evasion, thus being recorded. Several Months later, he went to apply for PRIMAry school teachers ‘ posts, ONLY to be told that bad records because of personal integrity, not hiring.。.

Subway fare evasion into the personal credit rating system, it may be an individual local practices. Record overdue Bank loan, credit card, and tax records, the enforcement of civil judgment records, records, records, telecommunications debt record of administrative punishment and even electricity and gas all the payment information into the personal credit rating system, it is becoming common practice. There have been rePorts, from October 28, Beijing, 9 provinces and cities, such as personal credit rePorts online service, is expected to open across the country next year. This platform is available for query (or will be searchable) credit rePorts, inCLUding the above list.。.

See this report, not by people feeling: how to be a “citizen” Really hard! …

Related information tell us, clothing, food, shelter, shit all have to be careful in the future. Otherwise, forget what day pay utility bills, they will be credited to the individual’s credit file, or which has been copied, it could beCO.E a credit blemish. Once a credit blemish, one day LOOKing for a bank loan, or LOOKing for a job, it might be snubbed. Also have to say that when many people faced a similar situation, may also be a curious thing, because they don’t know they’re being blacklisted, bad credit …

Personal loan repayment record, and some people not by subjective intent to repay overdue, but inadvertent error. Annual interest rate adjusT.E.T period, it might be due to inadvertence rather than loan payments. For such cases, if, regardless of objective factors are regarded as bad-faith, inevitably make jiaoyuan. Water, gas, and telecommunications, payment records, not ONLY could happen more often, and the reason for overdue debts, it may not be all about contributors. For example, I have experienced, after the online payment of telecommunications fees, call may still owe (the staff explained that the payers may be automatically ignored by the system account amounts less than 1).。.

Problems of personal credit information system, and in recent years I have been concerned about. Generally speaking, domestic sources of personal credit information system for the collection of personal information too broadly and collection process not standardized, person, lacks the necessary right, lack of Smooth channels, therefore the inevitable personal credits are calculated to use and abuse, and many other negative consequences. Article mentioned at the beginning of linked with subway fare evasion and individual job seekers, is the abuse of the personal credit system. For example, inCLUde costs for utilities, telecommunications, and objectively as the personal credit rating system as a utility “collection”.。.

Personal credit rating system in Building honest society important words need be said. Problem is that so much of its current woes, resulting in either a miscarriage of Justice for the large numbers of people, “cool people”, causing the system to “crash” or credit bankruptcy system, is no longer TRUSTed by the public. Therefore, how to improve and standardize individual credit rating system, to use it in the right places, this is the “top Designers” must now consider T.E.Things …

On October 29, 2013 …

To be a “citizen” so hard

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