All right now! Male and female brains really different!

  equality between women and men has beCO.E the consensus of the world, almost all of the countries are using it as a basic national policy and written into the Constitution. In real life, however, due to the physical structure is not the same for men and women, so work slightly differently. Here estimated that many women do not agree with this view, because the same woman in the male-dominated jobs did very well. But today the news tells us, men and women Really are different, and brains don’t Really like …

  we always say that men are from Mars, women are from Venus, trying to tell us difference in thinking between men and women. Although “Science” proves that men and women are from Earth, but equally there is SCIENTific proof, men and women have certain differences in brain structures …

  the research involved some …


Young researchers on their brain scan imaging, finally found that men of nerve connections within the hemisphere of the brain is much higher than the female, and women of nerve connections between T.E.Two hemispheres of the brain is far higher than that of men. Males and motor skills a bit more which is why has the potential, and the reason that women have an advantage in terms of intuitive thinking. Associate Professor from the Medical College of Pennsylvania, was also Reghini study sponsors …

· Verma introduce when when there is mutual transMISSION of information in the brain, men are better able to implement and understand the information, feedback from the completion of the final good; when there is information in the left and right side of the brain to transport when woman is very sensitive to this information, and is also able to quickly understand and implement these information.

  in previous studies, we have found that both male and female differences in behavior. , Women are born with better language learning and socio-cognitive abilities, while men and spatial knowledge in mecHanical analogy. Based on brain scans revealed that female higher percentage of gray matter in the brain, while the higher percentage of white male. Although the results of this study were published long ago, but its the lack of CONTACt between male and female brains to study. Does just that, Verma began this study, associate professor …

  he recruited 949 youth aged 8-22 years old, using magnetic resonance imaging technology diffusion tensor imaging, complete mapping the diffusion of water molecules in brain tissue, resulting in male and female difference in brain structure. Current research is published in the United States on the National Academy. Associate Professor Verma told everyone, now that studies are still in their infancy, conCLUded that the ONLY 13. between 4 and 17 years, the GAP between male and female brains most obvious, and as he grew older, the GAP is getting smaller and smaller. The research helps SCIENTists solve certain biased very serious diseases, such as Autism, such diseases more common in males.

  men and women in innate brain structures are not the same, but I think the most important is the efforts The day after tomorrow. This is why female students in science classes have stronger reasons than their male classmates. If female students because this news on the wAIVer of the relevant knowledge areas of study, then that is Really causing your lack of knowledge, the GAP with male classmates pulled farther away. (The science fiction galaxy/text).

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All right now! Male and female brains really different!

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