Should pay attention to the validation process can change

Index started weaker in the morning turmoil, this is Changyang yesterday after the confirmation process, from the perspective of overall volume in the morning, Shanghai Stock Exchange 414.

Billion compared with 428 yesterday morning …

Billion slightly shrunk, 30.

Minutes could have emerged the first divergence, time-sharing stock index almost the lowest close, that means market confirmation process still lives, estimated a few days ‘ time, and 30 …

Minutes of volume can first times of departed from, is short of warning, while index downward, but a unit is active, still can for disc in the of low suck high throwing operation, while also should note, Changyang zhihou of confirmed process and no completed, I while not see empty afternoon, but short to positions of control to control confirmed brings of uncertainty also is is has necessary, front of Bowen also repeatedly description,, confirmed success is is heavy warehouse opportunities, especially to, 30..

Minutes start timing again reversed should market once again, stocks should be short to fire before this …


Youth should bloom …


Game testing: Three Kingdoms period who was your best buddy!! …


Believable constellation of secret …

Should pay attention to the validation process can change

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