Cameron, selected New Zealand to avatar “battlefield of the future”

If you thought New Zealand only produces wool and milk, then it’s OUT. Because the country is becoming a movie heaven. Recently, James Cameron and 20th Century Fox officially announced New Zealand reached an agreement will be completed in the country filming three of the avatar sequel. It will provide New Zealand with income of at least $ 500 million …

James Cameron excited at the news conference, told reporters that he was very happy to be in New Zealand to complete the avatar film series and produced, which was its a wonderful movie-making process. According to its introduction, in the avatar sequels, there will be lots of new characters, new creatures and new scenes. Scenes of the sequel James Cameron intends to “move” to other planets, but after looking at a New Zealand landscape found absolutely no need, here will be able to create a whole new Pandora …

The avatar sequel will have news of the underwater scenes have been confirmed by Cameron, Director, but it indicates that not all happening under the water. For the underwater scenes, Cameron think that New Zealand is best taken place, where the underwater terrain is very diverse, environment you can think of can be found here, so don’t even need complex post-production can have a great science fiction …

We can see from these words of praise Cameron, Director of New Zealand’s favorite, which is why it will be 2012 family moved to New Zealand, and covers an area of up to 3,500-acre ranch was purchased locally. I very much look forward to Christmas 2016 (expected release time) to see the emergence of the avatar 2. (Sci-fi Galaxy   Constantine/text).

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Cameron, selected New Zealand to avatar “battlefield of the future”

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