Every day I think you many times

Think you many times a day …

Shu Ting …

(Photo from the network).


Border town in lincang, Yunnan province, near the Lancang River got its name, known to explorers and experts at home and abroad as “the last mystery,” “habitats of the human soul”. It has been written many times before, will also continue to be more in-depth research and interpretation. Cangyuan is under the jurisdiction of lincang Prefecture. When the blade passes through sheep’s head Rock Tunnel of highway, opened two river corridors, peeling to reveal original psychedelic effects of Southwest hinterland; when modern city pale fingers bleeding finally touch the burnt sienna red mengsheng Cliff paintings, to their great chuckle, think they already entered the cangyuan deep in history. However, it is not possible to …


Tropic of cancer across the Cangyuan County. I alone busy sat in Cliff painting Xia of mid-levels Pavilion, soul half yoyo out orifices, another half is taste with feet this article singular of line, has how of geocentric thermal unattached conduction, let I shock like shake; or horizon that tongyun Kasumi color by clouds of ancient symbol, began a let I days eye Dayton opened: awareness out who of mystery purpose, orders Sun go to here must fold body doubled back, thus Rotary fell a to luxury of gold feathers. Deep in the Woods, the Holy choir of birds are long song chant Mann: Division gang! Si Gang! Cliff paintings will be “Secretary gang” explanation of the origin of. “Secretary gang” is the Wa people’s teachings from our ancestors and family discipline …

Wa Shan Weng Ding ancient village of thatched bamboo walls lying below, save is by far the best preserved the original live in villages. I took the small wooden ladder into low greenhouse-like “bedroom”, from one metre square openings climb to the small stage, deflated mouth Granny with two smoke narghile, watched the Grand “wooden drum rituals offering.” This is WA people for everything God the greatest respect through ritual pray God bless …

Center in the square, holding a big Buffalo, on both sides of the sharp spear. “BA” (priests), led by dozens of young adults with long tengsuo, wooden drums from the mountain into the stronghold gate, dressed in costumes of the villagers began to surround, forming an Eddy. They dance with smooth, rough and making speeches, cannon fire. It takes most well respected man stabbed sharp spear beef rib, I quiver quickly turned his lens to me little boy. He was only six or seven years old, taut with excitement fertilizer Dudu double cheek, necks tied with red cloth belt, hands, grab a sharpened stick.。 So we pull each other, to see the rape, female doll visage suddenly pointed at my chest, small gourd says: “Secretary gang! ”。.

Yes, boys and girls since the WA, on my neck a little tiny gourd, hand-painted gourd “Secretary gang” spells three words embedded in his chest, my soul, it’s so without vouchsafing trapped. The WA youth eyebrows like disease swallow Black wing fly high, their eyes deeply as the stars of the night, their colour is a bright sun and sunset blend oil, their gorgeous clothing wood shuttle looms, cotton and ramie, formed by the woman’s hand and heart sticking complacently.。.

Thus, no one can resist their good or not. Our wine and singing the dual thermal drunkenness, imagine yourself back 18 years, repeated the tongue in her eyes a love song, not: “think you many times a day, Mei; miss you tears, sister…….”.

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Every day I think you many times

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