Interview with Yang LAN: better 2014

Li Yang LAN …



Director: Yu Guangde..

  Although we live in a world where economic daily to their purse “economic issue” cheer or the Blues, however, put an economic figure into one’s own hands, and you want to make an interview, really can not start in the first place, the original, very often, the topics closest to our actual really want to work with, but also very far away …

  On Baidu baike, presentations on Li is as follows: …

  ”Mr LI, is Director of the Center for China and the world economy at Tsinghua University, long-term focus on economic reform and development research, committed to derived from the practice of China’s reform and opening up of modern economic theory, and research interests have focused on China’s macro-economic development models and cross-country comparisons of institutional change, as well as country development strategies. ”。.

  Economics of such a large coffee, how do I explain from a media perspective, how to make it happen with the public relations? At first, I thought of inertia, want to do a “money”, but always felt that would fall into the hip, helpless, though, an economist, no topic, people won’t make the ears to listen to one that would be …

  Planning will zhihou, after moderator, and editor, and also has planning teacher of head storm, and views collision, a clear clear inductive concern of theme was determines down: 2014 China economic prospect, by the from Tsinghua University of famous economists, around recently ended of CPC 18 session plenary session of about decided content, to counting China now of economic phenomenon, and on new a years of economic situation, made prospect..

  Determines the direction of themes, rest it looks simple, but in reality, is a colleague would like to thank the editors, producers, and others assisting, coordination, smooth recordings, produced only this episode until broadcast. At first even wanted to give up once the idea is stuck, will find such a stick, for which it has a different meaning …

  Program in the, Li daokui, and Yang master fight General, around with 18 session plenary session of about decided content, for new a years market resources configuration, and household system reform, and stock, and property, and State enterprise reform, and private enterprise investment, and even corruption, and income distribution, problem, do has detailed of interpretation and prospect, listening down, everyone of heart will has a thriving up of feels, 2014, we each personal of life will and China of economic situation as, increasingly good did?..



Interview with Yang LAN: better 2014

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