47 year old dawn “father-daughter love” 23 year old nun die new exposure (figure)

Dawn on February 17 for the second time as Ambassador at the Hong Kong film and television entertainment. Lai King appeared wearing a bright blue sweater, feel good. Lucky son and ex-wife emotional profile of him, revealed this was to find a new goddess, but was rather low-key. According to Hong Kong media reports, the woman is a model of about 23 years old, looks like a base, two are friends met at a party, Dawn said it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, the Almighty Hong Kong media still not dug into the woman’s specific information …

47 age dawn two years ago October and lucky son divorce Hou, Gaile soon on appeared new object, dawn of feelings world instead silent, but recently has message pointed out that, he actually has name grass has main, lover is 23 age tender die, Dawn has has new date, years about 23 age, is bit models, sample appearance somewhat like Gaile (and Le base son sample appearance somewhat similar Shu Qi, Oh, Lai King original on good this a AH). Two people at a gathering of friends at first sight, he actively pursued the woman quickly fell in love, still go out sailing together …

Probably because with lucky too high before dawn this very protective of new love, ad-arrange the tender girlfriend admitted to secure nine West mansion Cullinan …

  Since last year, when the soft mode to move into the mansion, lived at the site’s neighbors see the dawn, but witnesses said the dawn was wearing a hat and mask covering, in particular, his hat pulled down low, walked deliberately down, once it is recognized, you will pretend to be in a hurry hurry to leave …

  Not only so, according to dawn and new girlfriend rarely in open occasions dating, to out dinner, must selected more implicit key of private club or sea, he is like and friends sea playing, because think most security, completely not by dog Tsai team disturb, two years ago end of he and lucky son divorce Hou, mood is poor, regular found friends sea, friends will with several models aboard introduced to he awareness, for he boredom, on dawn whether has new romance, brokers Chen Shanzhi in closing Qian has been didn’t response..

47 year old dawn “father-daughter love” 23 year old nun die new exposure (figure)

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