39 year old Jin Qiaoqiao pregnant belly photo first (figure)

  In recent days, Jin Qiaoqiao photo exposure in pregnancy in the past. Abdomen clearly protruding, but the figure is still skinny. Her white skirt around the body, artistic conception and purity like a fairy. Sometimes the writing nestled among pregnant belly, wearing a brimmed hat ruobosi girl shows sexy curves …

    on August 9, 2013, Jin Qiaoqiao gave birth to a girl in a maternity hospital in Beijing. Confirmed, qiaoqiao husband accompany Kim on the day of the “Princess” attentive, caring and information to parents and single father of a bar and the signature “in the winter”.

    gold qiaoqiao husband boss in winter is a bona, founder of China’s largest privately owned film company, bona film group in 2012, listed on NASDAQ, is nothing short of a rich man.   Yu Dong Jin Qiaoqiao before there was a marriage, but in 2009 with his ex-wife had divorce. Fu and fan bingbing, Sunday, after dating many actresses such as Huang, but none are provided below. According to Jin Qiaoqiao in winter and the couple’s romance has long been an open secret in the circles, dating friends know two things with each other. Jin Qiaoqiao in winter and fall in love in 2011, two years, two of them in 2013 to get hitched.。.

    Yu Dong and Jin Qiaoqiao’s love in unexpected, but also understandable. No wonder gold qiaoqiao have little to shoot movies in recent years, gradually fade out the film, seems to have been prepared at home, husband and son. Northeast girl so beautiful and elegant, straightforward personality, but are always single, it would be a shame. Now, “Peacock Princess” finally found her “Prince charming”, we also sincerely wish lovers forever, blessed baby congmingkangjian …

39 year old Jin Qiaoqiao pregnant belly photo first (figure)

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