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                        Li Chang: EE …

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    after more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China’s private enterprises, both in terms of share of GDP, job placement, tax, head, in the whole national economy’s most dynamic. Private enterprises in mainland China, however, the 1950 ‘s, “one of three reform” has become. Until in the early 80, started again only. At that time, hundreds of millions back, the Government could not solve the employment problem, had to let some of the educated youth self-employment. Member of the educated youth, working in agencies, State-owned enterprises or labor service company arrangements, party members and workers of the City originally are not prominent.。 Farmer scale, employees. According to Marx’s theory of surplus value, employment lead to exploitation. This is the original Soviet model, replaced by a planned market economy, implementation of “three transformation” theory of sources. According to this logic, State-owned and collective enterprises to absorb employees is not exploitation. Absorbed by the individual private sector employees, it becomes exploitation. In early 1979, Director of the national administration for industry and Commerce said in a report to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the Conference on: “according to local market needs, after the agreement of the relevant competent departments, approved some formal accounts of idle labor force engaged in handicraft, repair, service and individual labor, but no employees.。 Policy is slightly loose, issued by the State Council in 1981 to the towns nonagricultural individual economy some policy provisions and in 1983 the town said non-rural individual industrial and commercial regulations, individual businesses may request one or two helpers, up to four or five apprentices, together employed seven people. At that time from the first volume of Das Kapital in chapter III of the Nineth found a basis, hired seven people to this small property owners, reached eight capitalists. In fact, this is not Marx’s intention …

Development of private enterprise, will soon break through the employment scale of seven. So, party members and workers caused media controversy, paradoxically, to put before the Central Commission for discipline inspection. All reports say more than limit the number of party members and workers, want a serious discipline, punished. While some self-employed members of complaint itself also answered the call led the rich should not be criticized for disciplinary action …

      Central Commission for discipline inspection of the Communist 12 elected with Chen Yun as first Secretary, Huang Kecheng as Second Secretary, Wang Heshou as Executive Secretary, Wang through Wu, Han Guang, Li Chang, Ma Guorui, Han Tianshi as Secretary. Routine work is actually Wang Heshou. Under his auspices, discipline Inspection Commission Standing Committee February 14, 1984 and have held six meetings to discuss the limits for self-employed members of workers. Wang Heshou, most people think, party members and workers for more than seven people are exploited, should be expelled from the party.。 Within as little as two or three years, individual and private economic solution to the millions of people in employment, the country’s urban unemployed nearly one-third. We have to solve the employment problem of some people, from grassroots to government authorities, and spent a lot of time, it didn’t solve the problem. Policy opened a small cut, solves the problems of millions of people at once. We cannot ignore the General survival at the expense of ordinary people, to adhere to certain dogmas. The main contradictions of society now is how to push the economy forward and properly solve tens of millions of people unemployed and urban and rural surplus labor problem, this solution is not good, it’s not there is no exploitation of the issue, but social stability problem! …

Meeting hotly, unable to agree, had to be reported to the Member of the split. At that time, the Member of the rural policy research office in the drafting process, also encountered the same problem. Not in favour of dismissed workers party member, Member of the compassion. Central Committee reporting to the Deng Xiaoping, Deng Xiaoping’s decision: “don’t limit three years later. “This, and saved a lot of other people. Later on, Huang Hua, because Li Chang insists, China has not poured an entrepreneur member due to cases of workers fired over party members. An old proverb says: everybody’s Nono than EE. Debate the fate of millions of people, Li Chang was great EE people.

The 90 ‘s, the central authorities decided to implement a socialist market economy, a large number of party overboard, founder of private enterprise. CPC on modifying the Constitution, the party defined as representative of advanced productive force, private entrepreneurs and the Communist identity are incompatible. In fact, ordinary party members to do business, hardly harms society. Official business, powers up the sale, crimes against society. Party members and 80 million, official was part of it. Is not an official member of legitimate the creation of private enterprises, according to tax, which will be beneficial to the people of the country. The legitimate rights and interests of workers, should adopt legislation, Governments, trade unions and other ways to protect, rather than achieved through the Elimination of private entrepreneurs.。.

Li Chang’s life story. He’s one yongshun in Hunan, Tujia, born in 1914, 1930 studied at Tsinghua University in the autumn of peril of the Chinese nation, resolutely invested 129 students, has been selected as national liberation Vanguard Commander of Tsinghua University, Peking national liberation Vanguard Corps and the captain of the Chinese national liberation Vanguard national, joined the Communist Party during this period, Yan an Central Green Committee of Ministers of the organization. Served as member of the early 50. Elected in 1956 at the CCP member and has held, Beijing International Studies University, Harbin University of science and technology in China.。 The “cultural revolution” ended, he once again presiding over the work of Chinese Academy of Sciences, involved in the adjustment policies of science and technology, education and intellectuals, founded the first Chinese graduate school – graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He fully supported the criterion of truth: a discussion, join the Communist Party and had previously held the third plenary session of the central working conference, called for the 1976 Tiananmen incident thoroughly vindicated. Secretary of Central Commission for discipline Inspection Office, first proposed the cultural and ideological progress, propose the abolition of leading cadres ‘ tenure. I contact for helping his wife Feng Lanrui published his memoirs, called to his house on several occasions, and had dinner with him. His hearing loss. I can listen to him talk, unable to communicate with him.。.

September 3, 2010, Li Chang died, at the age of 96 …

Li Chang: EE

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