45 year old Yung ewong early large scale nude photos exposed (figure)

     recently, known as “the Queen of inverse” Yung ewong and her husband and their daughter, starred in a series of warm Christmas family photo. In a photograph, Yung ewong with gorgeous sexy look up the age of 45, and her husband love to dance. She and daughter staged scene kissing touching fun scenes, add warmth to this frigid Christmas …

     presumably many people in pastime entertainment, sent time of when are to variety of way see had South yan producer, Yung ewong, and Zheng Ze Shi main of Hong Kong three level tablets brothel 12 room under and Wong Jing Director, Yung ewong, Xu Jinjiang starring of Manchu x torture under, this two Department three level tablets called Hong Kong three level tablets of classic, which to Manchu x torture under most by welcomes, Yung ewong plays of sad love xiangyan cabbage very expressive, was widely praise..

     Yung ewong is a famous Hong Kong female artist, candidate in 1989, Miss Asia, and won the Championship. Yung ewong ATV held immediately after he started, making a large number of TV shows, such as live action, the best talent, the temple and the Shanghai pride of 1949, the immortal gods, such as needles, and popular. However, business people and high tide period, then Yung ewong such narrow, stars was modest and decided to change the image, give it a shot and began to shoot the three films directed by Wong Jing of the irrepressible style.。.

     despite a series of combat, but has long been a strong stubborn hard Yung ewong wasn’t depressed. In 1997, Yung ewong top porn stars in the name of Taiwan Development Director Chu Yen-ping, who’s caught the rape of adultery in the bare performance continue to be, but his comedy acting abilities. After her Taiwan film ‘ born a perfect match is also humorous shows. While she was in TV shows such as the Tianshi Zhong Kui ‘, ‘ Dharma concentrate shaping dashed around strong female characters were very popular …

     Yung ewong of feelings road downs, first any male friends is Japanese forced Tin, love Hou shortly broke up, 2002 by friends introduced awareness United States Atlantic Casino Deputy President Ng Wai-, dating eight months Hou that Lightning married, but husband is care she of porn stars experience and let marriage painting Xia periods, until 2007 participate in dance forest Assembly under met fitness coach Liu Lunhao, remarried produced Xia 1 female. For her unrepentant filmed porn, that balance has been found living with beloved family life …

     through much turmoil later, Yung ewong began to participate in public service activities, established in 2007, “love Yung ewong international support group”, visited three times when the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas, recently invited to become a participant of the ATV2013 Miss Asia, returned to his initial start, her smile daughter interested in participating in the future would not object, becoming Super mother with utter wisdom …

     can be called porn Yung ewong, making it famous famous women artists. So Yung ewong on various occasions has more than once said, “never regret selecting category III films, there is no then took off without me now.” Now what kind of actress is no large-scale photos, not to mention porn porn star …

> …

45 year old Yung ewong early large scale nude photos exposed (figure)

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