“The salaries of civil servants are available”, read out from the misunderstanding looks forward to

[Editorial] “civil servants ‘ salaries were available” looks forward to read out from the misunderstanding …

Date: [February 24, 2014 version]   version:[AA02]   name: [editorial]   manuscript sources: [..

The Southern Metropolis daily …

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     yesterday, a “Guangzhou people next year down to civil servants ‘ salaries and detail” information posted on the portal site, the specific content is actually a new revision of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress for examination and approval authority budget approach. The of the approach of the draft sector accounts by economic classification expenditures on reparation, and refined to a level subjects. In theory, the public through departments accounts found the salaries of civil servants and other expenditures. Release to what extent, you also “requires relevant departments to arrange”.

     it must be made clear is that heat transfer of the “people down to civil servants ‘ salaries and detail” is not literally looks like public officials (especially officials) salary transparency (although this is the public most wants to see news facts), but based on the NPC’s supervision system design, budget supervision is gradually thinning. Deduced through the sector accounts for expenditure on wages, allowances, subsidies for public officials of the sector overall (and average), with officials assets public, subject to public supervision, both of which are important, but to accept supervision and restriction of power was clearly belong to two entirely different levels …

     new amendment of Guangzhou City congresses review approved supervision budget approach under, or will budget supervision of hard process pushed has a new of stage, not only is state capital operating, and public financial, and Government sexual Fund, and financial spot households management funds and the social security fund five big budget books will all submitted NPC considered, achieved full caliber of budget supervision, and on sector accounts data of detailed degree made more further requires.。.

     Sun Sun civil servants wages, bonuses, could achieve social effects, including the Elimination of some high income of civil servants to the public imagination, yet data support this. As envisaged by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress financial and Economic Committee Chairman Ouyang know, through this data thinning efforts, is “hope for revenue transparency, let us look at the salaries of civil servants, ever imagined that high.”。 If there are high, less public data or helps the class “misunderstanding” to eliminate, but if it does exist in many hidden income too much, you have to rely on the people’s Congress supervision tough shots by intervention, even to vote expressed attitudes …

     tied to the Government’s “money bags”, social expectations for budgetary oversight does not is not high, and Guangzhou can do daring attempt to advance in this area, worthy of recognition. But at the same time, the public “misunderstanding” another aspect of public official property and oversight reform, really could have made new progress. NPC deputies spoke of civil service salaries of public, saying that “specific to one person may not be realistic, but can be announced according to the level of the grade, every level of wages is very much”, which it deems “unrealistic”, is currently promoting the slow progress of property disclosure for public officials.。.

     in fact, if only through the Department’s final figures on civil service wages situation observed, may not be able to completely eliminate the root causes of the public for a long time on the income situation of all civil service groups. Relative to public officials, property-related status of individuals and families, institutions, sector-specific data such as salary, would still have been relatively General in nature. Accordingly, the revenues and expenses are through daily observation and comparison of cases of supervision to also become big difficulty.。.

     sector accounts for refining, civil service salary levels are available, with civil servants accept supervision of individual property, income, status, are not the same concept. But both are built on power, authority and power to conduct all aspects of oversight, it has very important implications. Hard-up budget supervision of people’s Congress, is expected to control government spending; transparent official property, you can make public the individual hand, subject to public eyes. Reform it may be multiple times, especially officials assets public, should have made new progress, isn’t it? …

“The salaries of civil servants are available”, read out from the misunderstanding looks forward to

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