Zhao benshan and actress attended the “bed”? (Map)

    in TV in General, Zhao was Chairman, wealthy, artists such as identity and meet you and uncle to look for “breakthrough”,.

In the cherry red, Zhao benshan starring not playing not only guest appearance, also desperate to play for the first time “sex scene”.

Zhao benshan plays …

One rural veterinary, rustic of image and humor of language for this Department grievances play added has many laugh points, especially drama in of one “bed play”, tells of is wife wants a children, Zhao not willing to and she occurred relationship, so taunt each other: “to bad, waste seed”, this paragraph content only in tablets spent in the exposure, on became everyone talk kept of laugh funding..

Director Wang Zhenhong revealed that this sex scene is actually very restrained, “not a passion, it is only superficial. We really need to do to tone, so the audience can read, without particular exposure. ”。.

    said up in this Department drama in the of shooting, Zhao unexpectedly to said themselves is tension, he revealed themselves in took village love variations song under of when often laugh field, took cherry red under of when is tension has, because to and apprentice of daughter-in-law son played couples, Zhao has in once interview in the memories this field “bed play” Shi said: “I this field play didn’t laugh field, because she is I students of daughter-in-law, I also not knows she to start, guts very big. ”。.

    starring Zhao benshan? in the Visual drama of the cherry red, Zhao even play up the sex scene, and large-scale. Zhao benshan the odious is the apprentice Xiao Shenyang’s wife, I do not know …

Small Shenyang …

Sees his wife and Zhao benshan floor to her, what do you think …

    in fact, as early as 2002, Zhao benshan and actress Wang Yajie staged a sex scene. The Ma Dashuai Zhao and Wang Yajie played husband and wife in the series, two living relationships were not bad too. The Ma Dashuai simple, virtuous “yufen” is in fact a very stylish person in real life, talking about how to get the part, Wang Yajie said his secret: “in fact, this show is the Deputy Director of my classmates, my interview is the daughter of little green, staged an impromptu skits, they feel good. “Teachers and fan Wei Zhao asked her:” you’re going Northeast? “Wang Yajie honestly replied No.。 ”。.


    many people are inside watching the Ma Dashuai remember she played by Zhao benshan’s wife Wang Yajie. Wang Yajie yufen played in the plot is simple, good woman in Northeast China, a lot of people mistakenly think she is Northeast, Anhui sister Wang Yajie is authentic and beautiful …

Zhao benshan and actress attended the “bed”? (Map)

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