Interview with Yang LAN: ten years of “public road”

This issue’s guest, Wang …



Director: Chen Jie …

  Financial author Wu Xiaobo, wrote an article about an article called the “metaphor of disease” and “status anxiety”, he wrote, “Wang this group” class awareness “, is not so much conscious, but rather by the Government’s hand to shake violently. Late fall 2004, China experienced a macro-economic control, theme is reorganized into the steel, cement and electrolytic aluminum industry of private capital. In later years, the increased number of weighting down private entrepreneurs in the national economy are beginning to find their own class definition. ”。.

  Wang’s new book the back cover of the Avenue, of course, what Mr Wu-“the search process, is an independent and modelling of processes”, and mentioned that he founded with friends society of organizations over the years, participating in operation Foundation, to join the post-Wenchuan quake reconstruction, advocating “corporate citizenship”, and called for efforts to improve the atmospheric environment …

  Charity and businessman, a world filled with compassion, a world full of Sly, but also as twin flower, charity in this special world, stunning figure is still rich. But in China, the charity has never been easy, good Samaritan is a traditional Chinese society’s high praise for a businessman, the rich and busy entrepreneurs money around his, not necessarily for goodwill in return. Without understanding how it works is not large institutions, NGO confused flurry before the transaction, are now common in China’s philanthropic issues.

  In this regard, Wang Shi through ten years of “public road”, has been getting groped by a set of ideas. He admitted: …

  ”Just because you have money, you two, you’re whacked.”.

  ”Sand, desert hearts of governance”.

  ”Don’t get me wrong, don’t be afraid of misunderstanding”.

  ”I adhere to the first is that the financial system is the norm, that is transparent”.

  ”You certainly care entrepreneurs in doing good, how much money they donate, but more should care about their management capacities, how their business experience and wisdom applied to social charity activities”.

  Wang thought still needs time to test, but in the process, entrepreneurs have a self-renewing …

  More exciting content, watch Beijing TV April 13, at 23 o’clock in the evening of the interview with Yang LAN …

Interview with Yang LAN: ten years of “public road”

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