XI Jinping: national security is a priority


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     further lifted the veil of National Security Committee …

    , last evening, the Xinhua News Agency issued confirming that XI has been convened under the auspices of the Central National Security Council meeting for the first time, stressing that “adhere to the overall view of national security.”.

     according to reported, the body and Guoan Board President of Supreme leaders announced “guarantee national security is first class events”, requires “established concentrated unified, and efficient authority of national security institutional”: “to people security for purposes, to political security for fundamental, to economic security for based, to military, and culture, and social security for guarantees, to promotion international security for relies on, out of a article China features national security road.. both attention external security, Well as internal security … that attaches importance to homeland security as well as national security … only to assert their traditional security as well as non-traditional security … that attaches importance to development issues as well as security issues. Attention to their own safety, as well as common security. ”。.

     messages are common interest. Pushed all major portals have been the first time the message Home top of CCTV’s news broadcast last night and early this morning across the mouthpiece the people’s daily has also admitted to headline …


     provide some marketing Xinhua News media are trying to draft interpretation..

     Oriental morning post specifically lists “11 security”, with reference to the observations of the CCTV reported: “the news yesterday broadcast the inaugural meeting of the National Security Committee, can’t text screen. 18, set up after the third plenary session of deep change in the other two institutions, namely the Central Group, Central Web team, held its first meeting, the news conference was broadcast images to understand the basic structure of these two bodies. ”。.

     for more senior personnel arrangements not suitable for printing in black and white experience, through its micro-letter “reading dinner” released: “Li keqiang as head of Government as Deputy Chairman of better understanding, Chairman of the national people’s Congress, Zhang dejiang was selected, there were many interpretations. One view was that Guoan meet possible future needs of the national people’s Congress to carry out relevant legislation, especially in emergency situations under ‘ emergency legislation ‘ … the day prior to the first meeting of the National Security Committee, XI Jinping, to the air force’s air force research and preparations for military struggle.。 Addition was accompanied by two Fan Changlong, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Xu qiliang, concurrently first Political Commissar of the armed police and public security Minister and Guo shengkun Wang Jianping, Commander and Political Commissar of the armed police Xu Yaoyuan, a central politics and Law Committee Secretary Meng jianzhu, Director of lizhan and Directors General of civil aviation Mr Eric LI. ”。.

     according to this article Guoan Board first Conference 7 big watch under resolved, has can determines “Guoan Board nature for central institutions”: “18 session plenary session decided under in the, ‘ established National Security Committee ‘ of wording, in yesterday XI of speaks in the quietly to ‘ established ‘, that ‘ Party of 18 session plenary session decided established National Security Committee ‘.. read Constitution under and Constitution under can found, national institutions with of is ‘ The establishment of ‘ party organizations ‘ setting up ‘.。 Xiong Wenzhao, a law professor at minzu University also took note of the expression changes. He said that compared with the party’s institutions ‘ establishment ‘, ‘ the establishment ‘ means that basis to answer any ‘, the ‘ issues ‘ involves legal and procedural issues, the process is much more complex. ‘ Xiong Wenzhao believes that national security authority now is actually the party’s Security Committee under the body, was the highest coordination body established in accordance with the resolutions of the CPC Central Committee. ”。.

     also, “dinner reading” also note to “Guoan Board and network letter group functions cross”: “Xiong Wenzhao special pointed out that, ’11 species security ‘ in the contains has ‘ information security ‘.. two a group are by XI any leader, but respective focuses on different, ‘ information security is national security of important part, but also some other of connotation, involves other area, including domestic ideology of consider, broadcast Movie TV, information spread channel of management, Personal privacy and commercial interests, and so on. National Security Authority may be more responsible for information security relating to foreign, international environmental issues. ’”。.

     XI that sentence “fate community”, is its to has since: “party of 18 big report first made ‘ to advocate human fate community consciousness ‘.. Zhejiang University non-traditional security and peace development research center guest researcher Ma think.. Guoan Board established Hou, China has may in around area established a area international security institutional, on control Asia Pacific of peace and stable very useful. “   …


     but, also backtracking XI for “Falcon Commando” flag, early moves, Shenzhen TV Live Hong Kong, Macao and under last night reference expert reviews, claimed “compared to external of features, Guoan Board this across military of ‘ security institutions ‘ main bear of also is internal of work”–this paragraph program obtained Phoenix this morning Home recommended, and will title amendment for “XI ahead of bright ACE”..

     was Tencent Sohu selected led page headlines of, is is on “XI 1 week 3 mention national security” of statistics, originated from Beijing Youth reported: “this a week of inspections research in the, XI always stressed uniformed forces to keep height alert, always stressed to ‘ loyalty ‘, special war players to ‘ forever do party and people of loyalty Defender ‘, forces to ensure ‘ in any when, and any situation Xia are strongly listened to Central, and CMC command ‘. ”。.

     home Beijing Youth daily headline on the front page, it is done in “political safety and ecological safety integrated in the national security system.” XI cited 11 security-“political security, economic security, homeland security, military security and cultural security, social security, technological security, information security, ecological security and resource security, nuclear security” – select first item is granted, however, the promotion of ecological security, special concern should be that this media …

     since late last week, and national counterparts, the Beijing Youth Daily also continues to focus on Lanzhou water benzene exceeding the event. This morning, follow up coverage of Lanzhou lifting emergency benzene exceeding mechanisms and admitted failing to regulate messages, also targeted five people sued the local water treatment plant was rejected, chanted by the author “Association, people calling you to initiate litigation in Lanzhou.”.

     official in Lanzhou and Veolia Water, the oil composition of defendants, DMPs in recent days. “March rumor April into really” orders its Kang; “detection out benzene exceeded purely accidentally” of said is does edge Yu regulations, but also was left in the right the sent people chorus upbraided “jerk words”, lead defuses of Xinhua News Agency yesterday published on the found tap water benzene exceeded of “contingency” under, more is very do taunt: “not is wanted to skimmer Qing late reported, and concealed of notoriety did? Everyone knows! ”。.

     in Central mouthpiece model role Xia, South City reported also continuous published Lanzhou in the homes refused to citizens litigation requests worth discussion under and environmental law four trial soon, public litigation main must again widened under, claimed “let more of environment public disputes as in court Shang settlement, and not Street, not only Yu social dynamic stable has hundred Yi and no a victims, and also completely meet ‘ rule of law thinking and rule of law way ‘ of ruling party governance spirit”..

      as this morning reproduced daily yesterday by magazine Fan Zhengwei of on the by what crack “a downtown on stopped” problem under, is to appeal “will public governance of target and process better to unified up”: “from PX project repeatedly horse, to garbage burning factory was forced to abortion, again to crematorium gave up construction, in recent years, more to repeatedly staged ‘ horse-protest-stopped ‘ of plot, some place also made has ‘ never again built ‘ of commitment. Opposition groups an allergic reaction has become the instinctive gesture; one stop natural selection respond to protests in some places.。 ”。.

     Yes, and Maoming PX storm, Southern Metropolis daily quoted by people’s daily only indirectly explain happen in this place of a protest storm. In huazhou city in Maoming city in Guangdong Province, Li gang 12th tens of thousands of villagers demonstrated against Government-built crematorium, pictorial letter through Twitter and Internet forums, in particular, “Deputy Mayor is popular containment was unable to give a satisfactory answer, finally forced to hide in the Bank,” said, becoming the latest jokes. The next day, news gradually enter the Portal Home until @ yangcheng evening news briefing in the afternoon, “officials halted the project.”.

     the day before yesterday, and encountering local “NIMBY” plight of the Nanfang daily, only “propaganda” caliber, huazhou Lai informed the town funeral homes in the project to stop the construction of “the crowd emotionally stable, and events as belonging to the peace process as a whole, and no conflict, no detention of any person”.

     but, Yonge wide continues to endorsements, conveyed local people on on “obviously is built funeral home, Government is on masses lied is built garbage factory” of anger, and on “resurgence” of worried: “huazhou municipal propaganda Deputy Minister loves said, construction funeral home meet in huazhou city of needs, is a items real of livelihood engineering.. project of project process legitimate.. in local government seems, masses is against, has complex of causes. Local people on the one hand feudal ideology. People generally think, ‘ funeral home-building regarded as unlucky things can be built, but the best was built next to the others ‘.。.‘ At the beginning of the construction, the Government has done a lot of propaganda work, the crowd appreciated the most support. But some people with ulterior motives under stirred up, and funeral homes near the building of the masses under pressure from religious and other reasons, had to take part in protests and demonstrations. ‘ … Today at about 11 o’clock in the morning, about 200 people still hold high the banner of ‘ local officials against losing public opinion ‘ in huazhou city gathered to protest in front of the Government … people told reporters that the crematorium projects, in fact they don’t know … said began land acquisition to build old people’s homes, says having a crematorium there now, so close you can do …。 ”。.

     overall, because PX and crematorium to project, which follow in Maoming’s latest protest didn’t get with previous similar scale of concern and solidarity. Although many civilian opinion leaders also committed themselves to “official lies” condemnation “NIMBY movements” as much worry about negative effects. China Youth daily journal this morning, don’t let the “NIMBY movements” into a “NIMBY conflicts”, as well as recommended by the Sina: “NIMBY campaigns when they first appeared, many points on this movement of citizens with good expectations, considered the effect social force to build and new trends in public policy making.。 NIMBY succeeds, but sports bring maximum benefits to the local population is in fact questionable. Huazhou funeral home, the funeral home final build fails, where dead bodies were to be transported to distant funeral homes for cremation in Maoming city, up 130 kilometers, NIMBY could hardly be a rational choice. significance of NIMBY campaigns is not in confrontation and conflict, but rather in seeking, enterprise bargaining power with the Government. Should result from the movement of the two sides sit down to talk, to find a compromise solution. ”。.

。 On the Internet, can be seen from time to time to the concept of national security, a slander, some people enjoy national security public welfare, mock national security principals to maintain power. ”。.

    , perhaps, in the eyes of Hu yesterday China’s opinion on a memorial to Hu Yaobang, also involving national security, especially political security. He yesterday afternoon of micro-Bo, eventually into this morning another a article global Times editorial please mo with Hu Yaobang have fallen prey to against he loyalty of career under: “Internet Shang constantly was put Hu Yaobang of name with now China social of reality controversy phase contact, or through themselves on history details of personalized interpretation expression now mood, this are not is on Hu Yaobang of real memory and reverence, more like is take on Hu Yaobang pursuit themselves interests of achieved..。 Those who do not share the leadership of the Communist Party of China’s people, those who advocate the Chinese copy Western political models and hoping to confuse the Chinese people, they’d better stay away from Hu Yaobang’s name is. ”。.

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XI Jinping: national security is a priority

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