Music, into the game! (People’s posts and telecommunications daily column of the travels of the VIII)

Kung Fu ‘ and ‘ contra ‘ managed to get the music heard on the game’s realms. It is also ideal for many musicians. I talked to a lot of game music, they said, and they are now no longer in the game music.


Wen/Zhang Shule..

I am crazy about PPS, through screenings and found some “rare” phenomenon, once ignored by their selective network video games advertising of the title, but always attract my attention now. Just because their music is too let person aftertaste. For example, one obviously is the background of the three kingdoms game, floated a Japan theme song for the anime Saint Seiya, and CG production of Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, accompanied by the film and the song of the cloud! Fortunately, the game name of the clouds are really …

Could not help but think of Ruili music producer Werner and I said: “what is the music in the game to a high standard, that is to hear the music game. “It is clear that this state right now, ignoring copyright considerations, hear the music, and games. No good original music, game companies have chosen popular song written, may also be forced to …

Since childhood, like music, is addicted to computer games and eventually becoming the norm of game music teacher, and many just make music for the game as more than other music articles “economy” of different musicians, his heart had a dream game music. Werner told me now to achieve the dream of game music, it seems to be growing because people are playing games …

“For mobile devices, its power amplifier device and PC is not at a level, which greatly limits the performance of game music! “Werner puzzles are also a lot of confusion for game music. But that’s not the most difficult, “in the era of the simple red and white machine, under the condition of Mono, only two rectangles, one triangle-wave synthesis, one noise, 1 PCM sound source, can only be made with MIDI, ringtone difference than this, I don’t know how many. Game music of the day, is still used ‘ simple ‘ MIDI, managed to get the music heard on the game’s realms. Such as the Kung Fu ‘ and ‘ contra ‘, think of predecessors, what reason do we have to do less. ”。.

Money, in fact, is not a big problem. While many game music people are complaining about the game companies do not care about music, but compared to the other areas of music’s many struggling peers, game music man spins into Kim’s game industry this “tree”, the income is good. Nowadays in the game, after all, not much of the music, the thing dear if it’s rare. Point is that very few people like Werner, embrace the ideal “play”. I talked to a lot of game music, and they are now no longer in the game music.

More advanced equipment could not forge Acura music, but carries a dream game fans can understand what the game requires music. It suddenly occurred to me until January’s “small Asahi music new year 2014 is not unplugged concert” at the concert in that the only game that nearly hundreds of listening audience and a bunch of songs and I can’t think of name corresponds to the game’s music tracks, how bleak. Known as Lu Xiaoxu of domestic games first person like this, when game music in China in order to “let the people hear the music we can figure the game?” …

Music people, addicted to games! …

(This essay published in the people’s post and telecommunications News April 18, 2014 Edition book of the travels of the column).



Music, into the game! (People’s posts and telecommunications daily column of the travels of the VIII)

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