“Star” is by no means Wei yan! Virus will enter the smart TV

“Your smart TV may soon need professional anti-virus applications. “This is 48 years old, Kaspersky Eugene Kaspersky, Chief Executive, told the Daily Telegraph newspaper’s forecast. He warned the user, along with the expansion of the Internet, users need more anti-virus measures and instruments, intelligent viruses that appear on television only a matter of time: “within a very short period of time, viruses are diversifying trend through smart mobile phone, threaten the safety of users, such as family environment. However, Kaspersky is ready to tackle this problem. ”。.

It is understood that the overwhelming majority of smart TVs and set-top boxes running iOS, Android and other systems, even though they make television more “clever”, but has also become more dangerous. IT security experts also solemnly warn of cyber-terrorism is coming: “now this is a different era, the most serious threat to attack critical infrastructure and physical environments. We will see a very bad attack, which will seriously affect people’s daily lives. “The (scientific and technological discoveries Constantine/text).

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“Star” is by no means Wei yan! Virus will enter the smart TV

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