“Do you believe” the insomnia is not romantic or make you careless stroke


Long night, no mood to sleep, when the joker full of soulful Bai Jingjing say such words, when Moon is in the sky for a few minutes. Such a scene might make you very expectation, you might also want to one day be able to sleep when encountering one dream lover, and to have a perfect encounter, but would you believe me? The insomnia is not romantic, but will let you have a risk of stroke …

For insomnia, no stranger to a lot of people, but they don’t really understand it, much less that it is so awesome! Is currently the medical profession with coronary heart disease, cancer, and as one of the three diseases that threaten human health, as well as more and more people with the disease, more frightening is, according to a latest study showed that frequent insomnia easier than normal stroke. Researchers after an investigation found that insomnia 54% higher risk of stroke than ordinary people, and persons between the ages of 18-34 years, the issue is more prominent than the 34 persons over the age of about 8 times times higher risk of stroke.。 With increasing social pressure, insomnia people more and more, insomnia, however many people still pay enough attention, had not viewed it as an illness. “In accordance with United States Heart Association report shows each of the United States because of the steady decline in the number of death caused by stroke, but this number is still large, up to 795000, which means that one out of every 19 people died of stroke …

Researchers 21,438 suffers from insomnia and 64,314 healthy individuals were followed for up to four years, resulting in 583 people that suffer from insomnia, which is 2.7% for people who suffer from a stroke, in healthy people, 962 people who suffer from a stroke, compared to just 1 … 5%. Insomnia can be seen there increases the chance of stroke. Just received the results of this survey, but why is there such a situation, does not answer the specific link between insomnia and strokes. But researchers speculate that sleep disorders can lead to inflammation, which elevates blood pressure, metabolism slows, causing cardiovascular disease, stroke, chances of getting biggerProfessor Xu also remind everyone, especially among the young for chronic insomnia is not attached until doctors take out orders only began to pay attention, but has apologized for the …

I know, there are many factors causing strokes, insomnia is one of the. For example, everyone knows that smoking may be one cause of stroke, this deadly habit of smoking accelerates form hardened plaques of cholesterol in the blood vessels of the brain, thus suffering from anemia 4 times increased risk of stroke and hemorrhagic strokes. But there’s a lot we can result in unexpected stroke. From Japan, the researchers found females are more likely to suffer a stroke of love sodas, drink carbonated beverages per day of women suffering from anaemia 83% higher risk of stroke than other people …

“Personality” so stubborn, harsh strokes, can we just sit on it? Actually in my opinion the most important thing is to keep feeling smooth, is going to the World Cup, exhorting had strokes on the waterfront you still don’t look at the ball, it will be very excitable triggered stroke. Of course, even more important is the prevention of stroke, this requires us to eat bland in moderation, to quit wine; in moderate activity, such as walking, Tai Chi, are excellent. So as long as we are faced with a stroke, so that we can effectively avoid it, let it be cloud. (The science fiction Galaxy   Constantine/text).

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“Do you believe” the insomnia is not romantic or make you careless stroke

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