“Alien technology” GPS is out! Quantum compass will take its place

Navigation are now using GPS, the global positioning system. Around 1970 for this technology began in the military, then around 1980 for civilian and popular. In the process of change in people’s lifestyles, GPS played a tremendous role in promoting. But for now, it seems a bit behind the times, because it is not practical in all situations-especially on the particularly stringent accuracy requirements. Recently, the United Kingdom scientists are developing new navigation technique–the quantum compass, it will replace GPS, has become the most popular, the most important navigation technology …

Quantum compass does not rely on navigation like GPS satellites, because even now, with as many as 24 navigation satellites in the world, its accuracy was not all customer satisfaction. Quantum compass inspired ultracold atomic technology can be very sensitive to perceived changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and gravity field, thereby converting a precise location information. On the look was not very big? Indeed – in fact this technology won the Nobel Prize. At present, many countries have invested huge amounts of money to build its own satellite navigation system, but the emergence of quantum compass investment in the tens of billions of dollars are going to be empty.。.

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“Alien technology” GPS is out! Quantum compass will take its place

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